Saturday, September 12, 2015

M109 Howitzer (FOW Cold War)

M577 and three M109's.

With the release of the new Cold War supplement for Flames of War, Team Yankee, I finally have something to do with the M109's I got in a trade a few months ago.

Now before you tell me these are the wrong models for the 1980's, as these don't have the M126A1 gun that they should have. I say this is a "what if" scenario anyway so who knows if the US would have pulled out some M109's with the old M126 gun.

I went with the MERDC camo for these, specifically the winter verdant pattern. I may try out the summer verdant pattern on some of my M113's to see how I like it.

The MERDC winter camo scheme.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2nd Covington Dragoons (Battletech)

The Heavy, Medium and Recon Lance for the 2nd Covington Dragoons.

To go along with last weeks post I now have my custom unit for the Battletech universe, the 2nd Covington Dragoons. I play Mechwarrior Online somewhat frequently and decided to paint up some old Battletech miniatures I had sitting around, in the camo scheme I use in the game.

I have enjoyed the few games of Battletech Alpha Strike that I've played as it speeds up the game significantly but still keeps the feel of the original Battletech game. Unfortunately, gaming in my area has been on a sharp decline lately, and it is hard to get a game of anything in.... :(

The Medium Lance.

A Centurion, Crab, Blackjack and Bushwacker.

The weird looking Crab battlemech.

I love this miniature, it captures the quirkiness of Battletech.

I pinch you!
A Blackjack medium mech.

I replaced the oversized cannon barrels with some some smaller ones.

With the unit marking and Federated Suns decals.

A Centurion medium mech.
Rather large cannon barrel.

The Centurion's head looks like a Sleestak from Land of the Lost.

The Bushwacker.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

1st Crucis Lancers (Battletech)

I recently pulled out an old Battletech introductory boxed set, along with some Ironwind Metals battlemechs that had been gathering dust, and painted them up. I have played Mechwarrior Online since the beta and really enjoy giant stompy mechs, so why not paint some up?

I have posted the progress of my custom unit, the 2nd Covington Dragoons, on the Battletech forums but wanted to make longer posts with more pictures. The second force I painted up are from the 1st Crucis Lancers, as I'm a fan of the Federated Suns. But don't worry I have several finished lances from the Draconis Combine and Lyran Commonwealth.

Here is a group shot of the 1st Crucis Lancers.

An Assault Lance, Medium Lance and part of an Armored Lance.
Now for the Assault Lance.

A lot of tonnage here.

An Atlas assault mech.

An Orion heavy mech.

A Banshee assault mech.

A Jagermech heavy mech.
 And the Medium Lance.

The Medium Lance.

A Hunchback medium mech.

A Clint medium mech.

A Hatchetman medium mech.

A Grasshopper heavy mech.

And an Armored Lance. I will be adding another tank to this lance... someday.

Tanks are still powerful, even with stompy mechs running around.

Command Behemoth tank.

A Demolisher II tank.

A Behemoth tank.