Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jordanian M48 Pattons modified (FOW)

Here are the first Jordanian tanks to go along with my infantry, pictures of the infantry coming soon.

Jordanian M48 Pattons

Two Jordanian M48 Patton tanks!

I did some small modifications to my 15mm Flames of War Jordanian tanks, the main one being the cupola. As you can see in the below picture, the Jordanian M48 Patton's during the Six Day War had the large cupola with the .50 removed and replaced with a more common hatch and .50 cal  anti-aircraft mount. This can be a very easy mod for you miniatures!

You can see the commanders .50 cal on the top hatch.
A still from a 1967 newsreel.

For my M48's, I installed one of the extra commanders cupola from my Battlefront plastic M113's.
Luckily my M113's for Vietnam were ACAVs and did not use the basic commanders cupola. I then used some old sherman hatches to close things up.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they are with my phone.

I now have US, Jordanian and two different kinds of Israeli M48's.

The M113 Cupola fit perfectly on the M48.

The fender decals from BF were to big and needed cut down...

40th Armoured Brigade.
Overall this was a very quick and easy modification to the Battlefront M48 using extra cupolas from the Battlefront plastic M113 box.