Monday, October 17, 2016

Battletech Covington Dragoons

I have been working on more Battletech miniatures lately and really enjoying it. My wife and I also have moved to a new house, a house with plenty of room for gaming!

I've finally gotten several MWO style custom miniatures in a trade and they look great! Many of the older Battletech miniatures are showing their age for sure. However, many of the newer Ironwind Metals miniatures look really good.

Also we have been playing a good bit of Battletech Alpha Strike lately and really having a good time with it.

The assault lance with  a Stalker, Banshee, Mauler and Zeus.

The Banshee in the center is one I converted to be the 5S version.

A custom resin Zeus.

The recon lance, with a Wolfhound, Raven, Cicada and Jenner.

A Cicada that I did some custom work on. The Cicada is one of my favorite mechs.

The Cicada.

From left to right, a Centurion, Shadowhawk, Crab and a Enforcer.

The Centurion on the far left looks so bad... and I even did some work to make it better.

The medium lance.
A heavy lance of all unseen mechs.

A resin Marauder MAD-3D.

I replaced the top autocannon with a large laser to make it a 3D version.

A metal Black Knight.

A metal Thudnerbolt, I love this sculpt, one again a MWO version.

This guy is bulky!

The unseen lance again.

The Marauder and Black Knight.

The Custom Thunderbolt and a IWM Archer.