Monday, November 26, 2018

Legio Custodes - The Gaudy Ten Thousand

Here is a teaser for some of what I've been painting. Hint, there is a lot of gold involved...

Constantin Valdor, Captain General of the Adeptus Custodes.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report

Legio Atarus Combat Exercises

I was able to get my friend Bryan into Adeptus Titanicus, he has picked up a boatload of titans that he is working on. In the meantime we got together to play a game with the titans I've finished. We made mirrored forces with a warlord, reaver, warhound and a banner of knights each. 

I will just run through the game in the captions.

My maniple with one of each.

Bryan's maniple of titans.

The battlefield. 
Some Solar Auxilia gunships trying to get out of the way. The were just there for looks.

Early on we just slugged it out at range.

My warhound and knights went around the right to go after Bryan's warhound.

In my mind we were going for the Salamanders Stormbird in the center.

We both loaded out for ranged combat.

Bryan's knights moving around my left flank.

The enemy warhound does not like these odds!

I have focused on the enemy reaver.

My knights just couldn't hit the warhound at range.

But my warhound was pummeling the enemy warhound.

My warlord has taken some damage, but Bryan's reaver is a wreck.

However, I hit his critically damaged reaver in its ruined torso with the volcano cannon, double ones for damage...

So it took another turn to kill the reaver, which stumbled forward and fell.

However my warlord was badly damaged and the knights moved in for the kill... but instead took fours shots from the plasma annihilator in the face and all died.

Bryan's warhound took some serious damage...

So it took off in a run. 
But the knights wouldn't let it get away.

In its deaththrows his own warhound turned and fired at Bryan's warlord, but its shields held.

In my mind the princeps of the warhound had never liked the princeps of the warlord, so shot him as he died.

After some emergency repairs my warlord was able to gain all its shields back.

Somehow the knights survived fire from the warlord, my reaver destroying the warlords volcano cannon helped!

But in the end, all the combined firepower was to much for Bryan's warlord. I went with all targeted shots to the head.

It was a lot of fun and I can't wait till Bryan gets all of his titans painted up so we can run some different kinds of forces, I want to use more reavers once the new kit is out.