Thursday, September 2, 2021

World War III - Team Yankee - Soviets

For this post I wanted to show off some of my Battlefront WWIII Soviets. I first started playing Soviets for Team Yankee simply because everyone else was collecting US forces. While I really didn't want to paint another huge monotone army, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed putting this force together.

Starting with the motor rifles, I was at first concerned about the number of BTR-60's I would need to build. I really dislike the huge parking lots of Soviet transports I've seen and while I understand that is pretty effective, its not for me. I settled for a few small companies which still means over a dozen BTR's! But they are a lot of fun to build, having that real Mad Max feel to them.

I wanted my battalion commander to be easy to pick out. 
A few Storm Anti Tank Missile tanks to crack that heavy armor.

While I have some Spandrel's to help out with those NATO tanks as well.

Once again, I found myself appreciating the utilitarian design of these Soviet tanks.

A few SA-8 Gecko's for AA support.

More BTR-60's on the hunt.

I also have some SA-13 Gophers for more SAM coverage.

Some Soviet infantry. I have one metal company and one plastic.

Each has at least one AT-4 Spigot to hold off armor.

Holding down a railway.

My only BMP's right now are are in a BMP-2 recon platoon.

I figure the recon boys would work out a little camo.

T-72's are my main armor... just because I have so many of them.

This town is certainly secure.

I have been adding more T-64's as of late.

But I am still working out if I want the better stats or more numbers.

Stopping for some petrol.

Then I been working on some T-80U's for the main tank battalion.

Experimented with some camo for them as well.

They are a great looking vehicle.

Planned on doing more camo for the BMP-3's but went plain, for now.

Another good looking vehicle.

I did paint a few plan T80's.

They look great mixed in on the board.

I have more Soviets to come!

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