Friday, May 20, 2022

15mm Ultra Modern WIP

A short post today with some more 15mm modern vehicles.

15mm, 1:100th scale, HMMWV, Humvee, Ukrainian, Team Yankee, DhSK

First are some 15mm Khurasan HMMWV or Humvee's. I have some Battlefront Humvee's but since these would represent the uparmored versions that Ukraine is using, I went with Khurasan's more modern versions. BF's are represent the 80-90's version while Khurasan's are from the 2000's Iraq War. Very little modifications needed for these. I just replaced the .50 cal with a DShK. These are not perfectly accurate with the photo's available of Ukrainian Humvee's, but they are really close... that is a theme when building a 2022 Ukrainian force in 15mm.

I also had a friend with a 3d printer make me some modern vehicles by m_bergman on Thingiverse. I've had several of bergman's vehicles printed over the years and they are amazing! These were no different.

I wanted to add a few vehicles for terrain so a few UAZ 469 utility vehicles were perfect. These will be great addition for Team Yankee or even modern times. Another was an excavator, for that pesky road work! It will look great painted yellow, digging up something on the board.

I already have some BRDM's for my Soviet Team Yankee force, but bergman has modernized Ukrainian versions. I had four BRDM-2's printed and used some BF bits to make three more with ATGM's.

15mm, 1:100th scale, HMMWV, bergman, thingiverse, BRDM-2, T-72, T-64

Finally, I decided to have quite a few T-72B3's printed as they make up the majority of Russian forces in the Ukraine. This was mainly due to being unable to find many of the Zvezda T-72B kits (which are really B3's). Also, while I really like Khurasan's T-64BV, I wanted to compare them with bergman's design, so I had a few of them printed as well. More comparison's of these 3d printed tanks with those available to purchase, will be coming soon.

15mm, 1:100th scale, HMMWV, bergman, thingiverse, BRDM-2, T-72, T-64

Also you can see some infantry in the above photo. Those are 15mm miniatures by Eureka. I mixed together their modern Chechen's and Russian's to make a Ukrainian Motorized Rifle company or perhaps a Territorial Defense company. As I mentioned with the Humvee's above, this arrangement of infantry miniatures is not perfectly accurate, but in 15mm and with a consistent paint scheme they look the part!

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